Struggling to Go Lower – Part Three

The 09/23/21 blog “NYSE – New 52 – Week Lows” noted that the S&P 500 (SPX) 09/20/21 decline low had a bullish divergence of NYSE – New – 52 Week Lows ($NYLOW) vs. the SPX 08/19/21 bottom. The daily $NYLOW chart courtesy of updates this internal momentum indicator. On 10/01/21 the SPX went belowContinue reading “Struggling to Go Lower – Part Three”

Possible Support Zone – Part Two

Today 09/28/21 the broad and deep decline in US stocks provided additional evidence that the next down wave could be  underway. The daily S&P 500 (SPX) courtesy of Trading View  illustrates the action. The daily RSI + MA had a bearish crossover following the daily Stochastic bearish crossover on 09/27/21. A  Fibonacci extension from theContinue reading “Possible Support Zone – Part Two”

NYSE – New  52 – Week Lows

The prior blog noted bullish divergences for New 52 – week lows and Advance/Decline line at the SPX 09/20/21 bottom. The daily NYSE – New 52 – week lows ($NYLOW) courtesy of illustrates this internal stock market indicator. Today 09/23/21 the S&P 500 (SPX) briefly moved  above a .618 retracement of the decline fromContinue reading “NYSE – New  52 – Week Lows”

New – 52 – Week High Update 08-27-21

Today 8/27/21 both the S&P 500 (SPX) and Nasdaq Composite (IXIC) made new all-time highs. The Daily NYSE – New 52 – Week Highs chart ($NYHGH) courtesy of updates the activity of this indicator.  The move  today above the level recorded on 08/25/21 is mildly bullish. If next week there’s a move above 314Continue reading “New – 52 – Week High Update 08-27-21”

US Stock Market Up and Down Trends

Today 08/16/21 the S&P 500 (SPX)  and Dow Jones Industrial Average continued their up trends by making new all-time highs. Several internal momentum indicators continued their down trends. The NYSE – New 52 – Week Highs ($NYHGH) chart courtesy of illustrates one of the momentum indicators. The simultaneous up trend with a diminishing numberContinue reading “US Stock Market Up and Down Trends”

On the Verge of a Mini-Crash?

In the last few months  there have been several illustrations of Ending Diagonal Triangles (EDT) illustrated on this website.  The main reason is that this structure appears as R.N  Elliott stated, “after the market has moved too far too fast”. What’s happened with the main US stock indices since March 2020 is definitely too farContinue reading “On the Verge of a Mini-Crash?”

Diminishing New – 52 – Week Highs

Today 08/05/21 the Nasdaq Composite made a new all-time high unaccompanied by the other two main US stock indices, S&P 500 (SPX) and Dow Jones Industrial Average.  The SPX all-time high was at 4429.97 made on 07/29/21 , todays SPX high was 4429.55.   The daily chart of Nasdaq – New 52 – weeks highsContinue reading “Diminishing New – 52 – Week Highs”