Bulls Regain the Momentum

On 01/19/23 the Nasdaq Composite (IXIC) and Russell 2000 exhibited signs of relative bullish strength.  More signals emerged on 01/20/23 that the uptrend in U.S stocks has probably resumed. The daily SPX chart courtesy of Trading View updates the action. Daily Stochastic has a bullish crossover and RSI has moved above its moving average line. Continue reading “Bulls Regain the Momentum”

Bearish Counterattack – Part – Two – 01/19/23

On 01/19/23 the S&P 500 (SPX) continued its post 01/17/23 decline with an additional bearish momentum signal implying further downside action. The daily SPX chart courtesy of Trading View updates three momentum indicators. The daily RSI has crossed below its moving average line. Daily Stochastic is far above the oversold zone.  MACD has so farContinue reading “Bearish Counterattack – Part – Two – 01/19/23”

Bearish Counterattack – 01/18/23

Since 1/12/23 the bulls have been on the verge of breaking above important resistance near S&P 500 (SPX)– 4,000.  Today 01/18/23 The bears held the line and counterattacked with strong selling throughout most of the session. The start of a multi- week bear phase?  One indicator could soon give us the answer.  The prior blogContinue reading “Bearish Counterattack – 01/18/23”

Short- Term Momentum Update – 01/13/23

When markets are in a steadily rising trend, bearish momentum divergences will emerge which could later be invalidated.  This phenomenon is occurring with the S&P 500 (SPX).   The  15 -minute SPX chart courtesy of Trading View illustrates its short-term trend. Recent blogs on this website have illustrated that both the SPX – 15 –Continue reading “Short- Term Momentum Update – 01/13/23”

Rare Bullish Momentum Signal

During the trading week ending 01/13/23 the NYSE –  Advance/Decline  line ($NYAD) had a bullish reading  that’s only occurred four times in times the last fourteen – years.  The implications of this signal could mean U.S stocks rally  into March/April 2023.   The weekly $NYAD chart courtesy of StockCharts.com illustrates the action since January 2007.Continue reading “Rare Bullish Momentum Signal”

Nearing the Bear Panic Point

The S&P 500 (SPX)  is close to the declining trendline from the January 2022 top and the 200 – day moving average (MA).  A move above this important resistance could trigger massive, short covering and bring in new  long side trader’s. The panic point is around SPX – 4,000.  Daily momentum suggests a move aboveContinue reading “Nearing the Bear Panic Point”

 Resistance Reached – 12/23/22

Markets  are attracted to Fibonacci resistance/support areas.  This websites 12/22/22 blog noted two S&P 500 (SPX) Fibonacci retracement points.  At SPX 3,841.94 and 3,843.90, this resistance was reached on 12/23/22.  The SPX – 15 – minute chart courtesy of Trading View shows what happened. Exact hits of Fibonacci coordinates are rare, therefore  allow for leewayContinue reading ” Resistance Reached – 12/23/22″

Examination of U.S  Interest Rates – 12/09/22

  On 12/14/22The FOMC will decide about U.S short – term interest rates.  Its expected they will raise rates only .50% as opposed to  recent increases of .75%. Whatever the decision is, evidence suggest U.S interest rates could continue to rise for several years. The daily chart courtesy of Trading View shows the yield curveContinue reading “Examination of U.S  Interest Rates – 12/09/22”

 NYSE Composite – Update – 12/09/22

The previous blog noted that hourly momentum of the NYSE Composite (NYA) was bullish.  However, on 12/09/22  the bears were able to overpower the bulls. The hourly chart courtesy of Trading View shows the turn of the tide. The 12/08/22 blog illustrated that NYA important resistance was at 15,452.76 on 12/09/22 the NYA failed toContinue reading ” NYSE Composite – Update – 12/09/22″