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VIX Topping Signal

Momentum for U.S. stocks continues to be bearish.  On 06/08/23 the S&P 500 (SPX) ended the session up .62, the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed .50%, Nasdaq Composite was up 1.02%.   Yet, through most of the day there were more stocks declining than advancing. There’s a good chance U.S. stocks could soon decline. However, action…

Leader and Laggard

Today 06/07/23 the Russell 2000 (RUT) composed of small – cap stocks continued the upward surge that began 05/31/23. The daily RUT chart courtesy of Trading View shows its recent movements. On 06/07/23 the RUT increased 1.78%. The 06/07/23 performance of the three main U.S. stock indices is as follows. Dow Jones Industrial Average +.27%.…

Bull Market Rally vs. Bear Market Rally

In bull market rallies stock indices trend together.  Making new highs at about the same time and declining together.  Moves up during large bear markets tend to be more erratic. A comparison of the post October 2022 U.S. stock market rally with a prior bullish phase reveals some interesting insights. The U.S. stock rally that…