Trendline Upside Break Out – 01/25/23.

Today 01/25/23 the S&P 500 (SPX) had its third close above both the declining trendline from January 2022 and its 200 – day moving average (MA). The daily SPX chart courtesy of Trading View updates the action. From a time perspective three closes above the line and the moving average is bullish and implies theContinue reading “Trendline Upside Break Out – 01/25/23.”

Philippine Stock Exchange – Update – 01/20/23

Recently several national stock markets have exhibited bullish signals.  One of the strongest upside markets is the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSEI). The daily PSEI chart courtesy of Trading View illustrates its performance. Since October 2022 the PSEI has outperformed the S&P 500 (SPX) by a wide margin.   From October to December the SPX had aContinue reading “Philippine Stock Exchange – Update – 01/20/23”

At the Bear Panic Point

Today 0/12/23 the S&P 500 (SPX) broke above Fibonacci resistance in the 3,970 area then reached the bear panic point close to 4,000.  While short-term momentum continues to suggest a small decline, longer-term momentum implies  a rally that could last for several weeks. The daily SPX chart courtesy of Trading  View  updates the action. TheContinue reading “At the Bear Panic Point”

  Persistent Bear Market Rallies

The U.S economy is suffering the highest inflation rates  in forty years.  The  FOMC has been aggressively raising  short -term interests rates.  Is it possible for the S&P 500 (SPX) to rally above its 12/13/22 – 4,100 top?  Two examples  illustrate that the SPX can have persistent bear market rallies  regardless  of bearish factors.    Continue reading ”  Persistent Bear Market Rallies”

Basing for a Bigger Move Up? – 12/29/22

Extraordinary high Put/Call reading  may have indicated an important bottom. Today 12/29/22 one trading day after a very high Put/Call ratio, the S&P 500 (SPX) rallied close to 2%. The hourly SPX chart courtesy of Trading View illustrates a potential base that began on 12/21/22. The SPX moved above  maximum Fibonacci leeway at 3,850, notedContinue reading “Basing for a Bigger Move Up? – 12/29/22”

 Resistance Reached – 12/23/22

Markets  are attracted to Fibonacci resistance/support areas.  This websites 12/22/22 blog noted two S&P 500 (SPX) Fibonacci retracement points.  At SPX 3,841.94 and 3,843.90, this resistance was reached on 12/23/22.  The SPX – 15 – minute chart courtesy of Trading View shows what happened. Exact hits of Fibonacci coordinates are rare, therefore  allow for leewayContinue reading ” Resistance Reached – 12/23/22″

  Support Broken – 12/22/22

Today, 12/22/22 all three main U.S stock indices broke below an important bottom made on 12/20/22.  In the first half of todays trading session the bears were totally in control, smashing prices  relentlessly lower.  It appeared the trend could be down the entire session, with the low of the day coming near or at theContinue reading ”  Support Broken – 12/22/22″