S&P 500 – Alternate Elliott Wave Count – 03/16/23

This alternate Elliott wave count has the same message as the wave count illustrated in 03/15/23 blog.  The message was that the S&P 500 (SPX) could be in a new down phase of a bear market that began in January 2022.  If the alternate wave count is correct it could provide Fibonacci evidence of whereContinue reading “S&P 500 – Alternate Elliott Wave Count – 03/16/23”

Philippines Stock Exchange – Bearish Signs

During the last two – weeks the technical conditions of the Philippines Stock Exchange (PSEI) has changed drastically.  About two – weeks  ago  it appeared that a rally to new all-time highs could developed.  What happened was a break below chart support at 6,537.  Then a move below Fibonacci support at 6,430.  Meanwhile in theContinue reading “Philippines Stock Exchange – Bearish Signs”

S&P 500 – Bearish Elliott Wave Evidence

There are always alternate Elliott wave interpretations.  This blog examines evidence that the S&P 500 (SPX) may have made  a secondary bear market peak on 02/02/23. The first SPX daily chart courtesy of Trading View illustrate Fibonacci time and price ratios. The SPX decline from its all-time high on 01/04/22 to its  bottom on 10/13/22Continue reading “S&P 500 – Bearish Elliott Wave Evidence”

  Major UK 100 Top is Probably in Place

The 02/09/23 blog “Price Forecast for UK 100 Major Top” noted that  a multi-year rising trendline and two Fibonacci coordinates implied the broad zone for a major top was 8,050 to 8,300.  On 02/16/23 the UK 100 (UKX) reached 8,047, this could be a major top! The monthly UKX chart courtesy of Trading View showsContinue reading ”  Major UK 100 Top is Probably in Place”

Dow Jones Industrial Average Projections

This is a follow up to the prior blog “Stock Market Fuel” and illustrates two paths the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) could take in the coming months. The projections assume that the DJI has been developing an Elliott wave – Horizontal Triangle from its all-time high in January 2022. The daily DJI chart courtesyContinue reading “Dow Jones Industrial Average Projections”

Philippines Stock Exchange – Update – 03/06/23.

After the 03/04/23 blog “Philippines Stock Exchange Five Year Pattern” there was a large increase in views on this website, and an inquiry about a  Philippines Stock Exchange (PSEI) rally.  This week there will be updates on the PSEI.  What’s  developing with the PSEI  could have implications for the global stock community.  The daily PSEIContinue reading “Philippines Stock Exchange – Update – 03/06/23.”

Long – Term Elliott Wave Count For 10 – year U.S Treasury Rates

The 10/23/22 blog “Intermediate Top For Interest Rates” noted “If US interests rates decline it could be a catalyst for a multi- week rally in  US stocks”.  Subsequently the rates/yields for 10 and 30 – year U.S Government bonds/notes declined and U.S stocks rallied.   There could soon be another decline for 10 and 30 –Continue reading “Long – Term Elliott Wave Count For 10 – year U.S Treasury Rates”

Philippines Stock Exchange – Five – Year Pattern

The 01/16/23 blog illustrated that the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite could be forming a multi-year Elliot wave Horizontal Triangle.  The 02/08/23 blog noted that the Dow Jones Industrial Average could be forming a Horizontal Triangle from its January 2022 top.  Now it appears the Philippines Stock Exchange Index (PSEI) could  be forming a Horizontal TriangleContinue reading “Philippines Stock Exchange – Five – Year Pattern”

Mixed Signals for U.S Stocks

On 02/24/23 the S&P 500 (SPX) bounced off of important support, however the balance of momentum indicators imply more downside action. The daily SPX chart courtesy of BigCharts.com illustrates what’s happened. Shortly after the SPX opening on 02/24/23 it reached the 200 – day moving average (MA) triggering a rally that continued throughout the session. Continue reading “Mixed Signals for U.S Stocks”

Short – Term Elliott Wave Count for Gold

The prior two blogs examined the long and intermediate – term Elliott wave counts for Gold. The focus now shifts to the Elliott wave action from March 2022 to February 2023. The daily Gold chart (XAUUSD) courtesy of Trading View illustrates the short- term view. Gold’s decline after 03/08/22 was in the form of anContinue reading “Short – Term Elliott Wave Count for Gold”