U.S. Stock Market – Sentiment and Time Dimensions

Within the last few weeks there’s been significant evidence  the upward momentum of U.S. stock indices has been weakening.  Going into mid-May there have been no bearish signals from the sentiment dimension.  On May 18, 2023 there was a bearish sentiment signal that could be very important. First an explanation of the differences between marketContinue reading “U.S. Stock Market – Sentiment and Time Dimensions”

Potential Level to Short the S&P 500

It’s possible the S&P 500 (SPX) made an important top on 05/01/23.  This blog will explain why an SPX top could be in place and one level for shorting the SPX. The three factors imply an important SPX top could be in place. Time cycles. Alternate Elliott wave count. Rule of the majority signal. TimeContinue reading “Potential Level to Short the S&P 500”

Expanding Flat Correction Complete – Part – Two

Additional evidence that an  Elliott wave – Expanding Flat correction probably completed at the S&P 500 (SPX)  05/04/23 bottom. The chart illustrates a textbook Elliott wave – Expanding Flat.  The pattern  when correcting bull moves is composed of three – waves down, three waves up, and five waves down.   The SPX – 15-minute chartContinue reading “Expanding Flat Correction Complete – Part – Two”

Cycle Top Due on May 5, 2023

Since May of 2019 there has been an effective Fibonacci time cycle connecting three S&P 500 (SPX) peaks.  The cycle is 336 – trading days, approximately 16 – months. The cycle is  based on the Fibonacci time ratio of equality 1/1.  The daily SPX chart courtesy of Trading View illustrates the cycle. Using the nextContinue reading “Cycle Top Due on May 5, 2023”

Rally End Game for Stocks? – 04/06/23

An important top for U.S. stocks could be made next week. The daily S&P 500 (SPX) chart courtesy of Trading View updates the action.  The SPX may soon complete an Elliott wave – Inverse Horizontal Triangle that began on 06/22/23. It appears the final part of that structure – Minor wave “E” could terminate onContinue reading “Rally End Game for Stocks? – 04/06/23”

Possible Important U.S. Stock Market Top – April 2023

Fibonacci time analysis and the next U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI) report give clues to when an important stock peak could occur. Sometimes Fibonacci time ratios can project a potential market time zone turns. The daily S&P 500 (SPX) chart courtesy of Trading View illustrates what could be an important turn in 2023. The SPXContinue reading “Possible Important U.S. Stock Market Top – April 2023”

Could Crude Oil be Signaling Economic Weakness?

During the week of 03/13/23 to 03/17/23 Crude Oil made a new bear market low.  This move   implies additional weakness for  Crude Oil.  It could also be a bearish signal for the economy and stocks. Crude Oil is the essential commodity for the global economy.  Generally rising Oil prices correspond with a growing economy.  FallingContinue reading “Could Crude Oil be Signaling Economic Weakness?”

Natural Gas Bottoming Signals

An enormous amount of evidence indicates the Natural Gas bear market since August 2022 could be at or near completion. For six months Natural Gas has declined 75% wiping out more than a year of upside progress. Could there be more downside action?  Perhaps, but an examination of evidence from all four market dimensions suggestContinue reading “Natural Gas Bottoming Signals”

Time Forecast for US Stock Market Top

Fibonacci Time  analysis  could be the key to discovering an important stock market peak. Market movements can sometimes be measured by using  Fibonacci ratio analysis for either price or time.  For example, a market could have a decline lasting  70 – trading days followed by a  rally of  43 – trading days.  This would beContinue reading “Time Forecast for US Stock Market Top”

The Most Bullish Month for Stocks – November

Sometimes successful investing/trading can be enhanced by simply looking at the calendar.  Almost all markets have seasonal patterns, and for stocks, November has  been the most bullish month. Does most bullish mean huge moves up in November?  Not necessarily, while there are several instances of large  November gains, sometimes  the gains are small. As  measuredContinue reading The Most Bullish Month for Stocks – November