Stock Bulls are Running Out of Time

Today 04/14/21 two of the three main US stock indices, S&P 500 (SPX) and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI)  made new all-time highs.  This is a bullish “Rule of the majority” signal. Additionally, the VIX indicator made a new low in its decline from its high made in March 2020.  These factors are atContinue reading “Stock Bulls are Running Out of Time”

Major Stock Market Top Could be in Place

Today 03/31/21 was the end of the quarter. Sometimes the end of a quarter can be a point at which a  trend changes.  If the trend has been up during the quarter, fund managers would likely want to hold profitable positions.  The best performance figures could be recorded on the final day of the quarter. Continue reading “Major Stock Market Top Could be in Place”

Potential Fibonacci Ratio Time Forecast

There are various techniques used for Fibonacci time analysis that are grouped into two categories, Fibonacci sequence, and Fibonacci ratio. The Fibonacci sequence is as follows (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144 – – – to infinity). An example of this method can be seen  in my 08/22/20 blog “Forecast – Bull Market Termination Date -2021” The other method involvesContinue reading “Potential Fibonacci Ratio Time Forecast”

Dow Jones Industrial Average – 55 – Year Anniversary

On February 9, 1966, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) reached the climax of a mega 34- year bull market. The peak at DJI 1,000 was not decisively broken for 16- years.  Toady February 9, 2021 the DJI made another new all-time high of the secular bull market that began in March 2009.  Significant topsContinue reading “Dow Jones Industrial Average – 55 – Year Anniversary”

Analogy Between S&P 500 in 2010 and 2021

The actions of the S&P 500 (SPX) in early 2010 could provide a road map for January to February 2021. The current SPX bull move began in March 2020 which corresponds with the March low in 2009, the rally off that major bottom was powerful and had two peaks, January, and  April 2010. The dailyContinue reading “Analogy Between S&P 500 in 2010 and 2021”