NYSE – New – 52 – Week Highs – Update

The 09/08/20 post “NYSE – New – 52 – Week Highs” illustrated the history of NYSE 52 – week highs of the secular bull market in US stocks since March 2009.  Separating the bull market into five phases showed that the maximum number of NYSE – new 52 – week highs occurred in phase 2. Continue reading “NYSE – New – 52 – Week Highs – Update”

Qualcomm in 2000 and Zoom in 2020

This is an educational post to explain stock market momentum. The 11/17/20 blog “Zoom Update – Part Two” noted that Zoom Video Communications Inc. (ZM) could be a signal for a looming bear market similar to Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM) in 2000. The daily QCOM and S&P 500 (SPX) chart courtesy of Trading View illustrates whatContinue reading “Qualcomm in 2000 and Zoom in 2020”

Zoom Update – Part Two

The 11/08/20 post  “Zoom Update” noted that Zoom Video Communications Inc. (ZM) had broken below an important support level.  The post also noted a recommendation to go long would require abundant evidence.  ZM lacked enough evidence and no recommendation to buy ZM was issued. Since 11/08/20 ZM has continued to decline, while the S&P 500Continue reading “Zoom Update – Part Two”

Tis the Season to be Bullish

Of the four market dimensions of price, time, sentiment, and momentum the most dominate currently for US stocks is the time dimension.  During the seasonally bearish months of September and October US stocks had declines.  Then upon entering the most bullish month of November, stocks rallied strongly.  The 11/10/20 post “S&P 500 Could be inContinue reading “Tis the Season to be Bullish”

S&P 500 Could be in Short – Term Decline

On 11/09/20 the S&P 500 (SPX) may have completed an Elliott five wave extended impulse pattern from the bottom made on 10/30/20. The hourly SPX chart courtesy of Trading View illustrates the action from the 10/30/20 bottom. The tricky part of the wave count is the supposed Minuette wave (v).  This could be a TruncatedContinue reading “S&P 500 Could be in Short – Term Decline”

Pfizer Up on Vaccine Announcement

 The  09/17/20 post “Pfizer Bullish Opportunity” recommended buying Pfizer (PFE) on speculation that they could be the first of nine companies to develop a Coronavirus vaccine.  Today 11/09/20 PFE announced that they had a Coronavirus vaccine.  PFE surged on the news. On 10/19/20 the post “Pfizer Pushing Higher” recommended adding one quarter of the originalContinue reading “Pfizer Up on Vaccine Announcement”

The Best Buying Opportunity Since March?

Presidential elections cause anxiety among traders and investors and there’s reason to be concern because whoever is the US president can have effect on the long-term economy and the stock market.  Near term- over the next  two to three months its doubtful whoever is elected US President in 2020 will be able to change theContinue reading “The Best Buying Opportunity Since March?”