U.S. Stock Market – Sentiment and Time Dimensions

Within the last few weeks there’s been significant evidence  the upward momentum of U.S. stock indices has been weakening.  Going into mid-May there have been no bearish signals from the sentiment dimension.  On May 18, 2023 there was a bearish sentiment signal that could be very important. First an explanation of the differences between marketContinue reading “U.S. Stock Market – Sentiment and Time Dimensions”

   Stock Market Fuel

How much lower could U.S. stocks go before reaching an important bottom? Momentum oscillators are similar to a fuel gauge for markets, they can give you a rough estimate of where a movement could end.  The weekly S&P 500 (SPX) chart courtesy of BigCharts.com illustrates the action since early 2022. Stochastic is generally a moreContinue reading ”   Stock Market Fuel”

S&P 500 Breaks Support – 03/09/23

The blog “Move Up From Important Support – 03/02/23” noted the S&P 500 (SPX) rallied after it reached the area of two Fibonacci support levels and the 200 – day moving average (MA).  Today 03/09/23 the SPX broke and closed the session below this important support.   This break opens the door for more downside action.Continue reading “S&P 500 Breaks Support – 03/09/23”

Put/Call Ratio Signal – 03/08/23

Investors’ Business Daily uses Put/Call (PC) ratio moves above 1.15 as a sign that U.S stocks could be near a bottom.   Today 03/08/23 for the second time in just nine trading days P/C went above 1.15.  U.S stocks could  near a bottom.  The daily PC and S&P 500 (SPX) chart courtesy of Trading View illustratesContinue reading “Put/Call Ratio Signal – 03/08/23”

Natural Gas Bottoming Signals

An enormous amount of evidence indicates the Natural Gas bear market since August 2022 could be at or near completion. For six months Natural Gas has declined 75% wiping out more than a year of upside progress. Could there be more downside action?  Perhaps, but an examination of evidence from all four market dimensions suggestContinue reading “Natural Gas Bottoming Signals”

Put/Call Ratio Rally

Today 01/04/23 all three main U.S stock indices ended the trading session above the prior trading day close.  Surprisingly the Put/Call ratio (PC) also closed the day to the upside. The daily PC and S&P 500 (SPX) chart courtesy of Trading View illustrates their relationship since August of 2022. Investor’s Business Daily uses  readings aboveContinue reading “Put/Call Ratio Rally”

Curious Sentiment Spikes – Part – Two

The 12/18/22 blog “Curious Sentiment Spikes” noted some fascinating sentiment signals. What happened today, 12/28/22 with the Put/Call ratio (PC) was extraordinary. The daily PC and S&P 500 (SPX) chart courtesy of Trading View shows some recent PC signals. The history of PC signals  relative to the SPX since September are as  follows. Investor’s BusinessContinue reading “Curious Sentiment Spikes – Part – Two”

Momentum and Sentiment Update – 10/14/22

Weekly momentum and daily sentiment indicators show that stock market bears could be losing  strength. The blog “Dramatic Reversal – 10/13/22”  noted that S&P 500 (SPX) daily Stochastic, RSI , and MACD all had bullish divergences.  Longer – term momentum oscillators  also have bullish divergences. The weekly SPX chart courtesy of BigCharts.com illustrate the additionalContinue reading Momentum and Sentiment Update – 10/14/22