Nasdaq Composite Momentum 05/06/22

The Nasdaq Composite (IXIC)  made its all-time high in November 2021 more than a  month before the other two main US stock indices, S&P 500 (SPX) and Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI).  Since then, it has been the weakest index – down 26%  from its  November 2021 top.

The 05/02/22 blog “US Stock Market  Momentum and Sentiment – Part – Two – 05-02-02” noted that the bears were losing power and examined the IXIC momentum.  The  Nasdaq New – 52 – Week Lows ($NALOW) and Nasdaq 100 – Bullish Percent Index ($BPNDX), both had significant bullish divergences.  On 05/06/22 the bears  appear to have gained power.

The daily IXIC  chart courtesy of Trading View illustrates  important bottoms made since November 2021.  

The key IXIC  bottoms were made on 01/24/22, 02/24/22, 03/14/22 , and  04/27/22.   

The daily ($NALOW) chart courtesy of illustrates the new lows made at  the key bottoms.

Maximum bearish momentum was made at the 01/24/22 bottom.  The 03/14/22 bottom had a double bullish divergence.  On 05/06/22 something different happened. Not only did $NALOW go above the level recorded on 04/27/22 it also exceeded the reading  made on 03/14/22. This implies  the IXIC could continue to make new decline  lows.

The daily $BPNDX chart updates the action of this indicator.

The Bullish Percent Index is  a breadth indicator based on the number of stocks on Point & Figure  buy signals within an index.

As of 05/06/22 the $BPNDX is still above its 04/27/22 reading and does not confirm the increase in bearish strength recorded by $NALOW.  If this non-confirmation continues it could  mean  only marginal new IXIC  lows.  Perhaps  one or two percent below the IXIC  – 05/06/22  bottom.   

The next blog will examine a fascinating web of Fibonacci price and time relationships within the SPX.


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