Potential S&P 500 – Support Zones

On a daily chart the S&P 500 (SPX) move up from the 03/14/22 bottom was fast and steep.  The reason is  because shortly after a significant bottom has been recognized , traders are eager to establish long positions. The SPX move off of the 03/23/2020 bottom is a classic example of a move up after a significant bottom  Some traders  may hope for a sharp and deep correction, but markets are notorious in dashing the hopes of traders.

The SPX – one minute Point & Figure (P & F) chart courtesy of Trading View illustrates  some potential support zone.

The P & F chart combined with Fibonacci analysis  helps to identify the areas  for the next possible bottom. The first is  P & F cluster.  The lower boundary of the cluster is  at the Fibonacci .236 retracement level of the move up from the 03/14/22 bottom.

If the first support level doesn’t hold, there’s another cluster in the low SPX 4400 area.

Below that cluster is  the .382 retracement level which intersects with P & F chart support at 4383.80.

The 03/21/22 blog “S&P 500 – Fibonacci Time Connection Between 2010 and 2022”  illustrated that on 03/14/22, the SPX had probably completed an Elliott wave – Horizontal Triangle.  Usually after a  Horizontal Triangle is complete there’s a sharp and fast move in the direction of the main trend, which in this case is up.

The action  since the 03/14/22 bottom is exactly what’s expected after the end of a Horizontal Triangle.  Seasonal patterns for US stocks are bullish until late April/early May.  These factors imply the steep rally could continue until late  April.

A shallow correction bottom could be made soon, perhaps in  just one or two trading days.


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