Persistent Rally Continues

The 03/23/22 blog “Potential S&P 500 – Support Zones” noted that a shallow bottom could be made soon – perhaps in one or two trading days.  As it turned out a bottom was already in place on 03/23/22 as the S&P 500 (SPX), the Nasdaq Composite and Dow Jones Industrial Average  have subsequently made new post 02/24/22 rally highs. 

The daily SPX chart courtesy of Trading View illustrates the progress of the rally.

The SPX is nearing  the Fibonacci .618 retracement level of the 01/04/22 to 02/24/22 decline.  Just above that is chart  resistance at  4595.  It’s possible another short-term peak could be made in this resistance zone – however, stay focused on the bigger picture.

The daily RSI has still not reached the over bought zone. Additionally, stocks and stock indices usually need at least one bearish divergence before a significant price top is in place. Note the RSI action from October 2021 to January 2022.  Also, the RSI current level is  at approximately  the same level as  on 10/18/21 when the SPX closed at 4484.47.  If the SPX can come near repeating what happen after October 2021 it could make a new all-time high.

Note the width of the MACD – Histogram.  Generally, when above the – zero line its  bullish.  Note the bearish divergence at the SPX – January 2022 top.  Think of the MACD – Histogram as a  fuel gauge, and in this case there’s plenty of fuel for the rally to continue.


Price  Dimension: Bullish – Elliott wave patterns suggest post Horizontal Triangle thrust up is underway since  03/14/22.

Time  Dimension: Bullish – US stocks are seasonally bullish until late April/early May.

Momentum Dimension: Bullish – Daily RSI and MACD  imply more upside action.

There’s  a high probability US stocks could continue a sharp and steep rally into at least late April.  If so its likely to terrify the bears, and if the SPX can make a new all-time high  many of them could miss possibly the best stock shorting opportunity since  October 2007.


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