US Stocks Could be Blasting into a December 2021 Top

As the US stock market entered November 2021 it appeared due for a correction lasting  one to two weeks. What happen was a continuation of the manic rally that began  on 10/13/21.

The daily S&P 500 (SPX) chart courtesy of Trading View illustrates the recent action.

The best SPX – Elliott wave count since the lows of early October was that wave “B” up of a Running Horizontal Triangle was under construction.  This wave count is still valid but the proportion of the rally since 10/4/21 is now large relative to the prior decline, making the supposed Running Horizontal Triangle count a low probability.  

The action since the 10/13/21 looks like a classic third wave with exceedingly small and brief corrections.  What makes  determining the correct  Elliott wave count since 10/04/21 difficult are the two subsequent declines  after the primary bottom of 10/4/21.  The second decline that bottomed 10/13/21 is  larger in price and  time than the first decline that ended 10/06/21.  This  could be a bullish series of waves “one’s” and “two’s” – however the second wave “two” is usually  smaller in price and time.

It’s  possible the supposed Intermediate wave (4) ended on 10/06/21 and was truncated – it failed to go below the 10/04/21 bottom. 

The maximum daily RSI reading  for the entire bull move since March 2020 was 82% made on 09/02/20.  The daily RSI reading on 11/05/21 was 76%.  This  bearish divergence implies longer-term weakening of the bullish momentum.  However, note that near-term daily RSI on 11/05/21 was at  the highest reading since late September 2021.  In the next few weeks, its possible near-term daily bearish divergences could  develop.

The 60- minute SPX chart illustrates short-term momentum. 

During  persistent moves divergences can frequently be eliminated. On 11/04/21 the hourly RSI exceeded a bearish divergence made on 10/26/21. On 11/05/21 hourly RSI exceeded the 11/04/21 reading.  This  is  short-term bullish implying higher prices in the near future.

The daily NYSE new – 52-week highs ($NYHGH) chart courtesy of illustrates internal momentum.

On 11/05/21 $NYHGH exceeded the bearish divergence made in early September.  Near-term this is bullish implying  higher  prices  in the next few weeks.

On 11/03/21 traders were stopped out of a 50% short position initiated on the SPX open 11/01/21.  The two stop levels were at 4640.00 and 4660.00 the total loss was  0.43%.

The 10/24/21 blog “Possible US Stock Market Top – December 2021” discussed how the SPX could make a major peak in  December 2021.  If the SPX can make a new all-time high in December 2021 it could reach a major Fibonacci price zone in the 4800 area.  If this scenario plays out it could create a fascinating  Fibonacci price/time relationship.  Depending on market action this will be examined in more detail, late November or early December.   


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