Pfizer Trading Record

On 12/15/20 the Pfizer trade initiated on 09/18/20 was closed out.  The daily Pfizer (PFE) chart courtesy of Trading View illustrates the buy and sell points.

For record keeping, trades recommended on this site will assume an opening position of $10,000. Cash and stock dividends will not be a factor in determining profit/loss.  Commissions and fees will not be a factor in determining profit/loss.

Note  that on 11/13/20 PFE had a stock dividend of the Viatris stock.  The PFE chart in this post shows adjusted price after the stock dividend and is different from the charts posted prior to the stock dividend.

The PFE trade illustrates the concept of incrementally entering and exiting trades. This trade also shows the difficulties in trading.  Note that PFE bottomed the same day the stop loss was triggered.  Also note the add on position was made almost at a near-term top. There is no way to avoid these types of bad entries.  They happen, successful traders need to remain calm and reduce emotion as much as possible. Overcoming frustrating trades is a key to successful trading.

After two  profitable trades and two loss trades the net profit was a realized gain of 8.7%.        


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