S&P 500 – Decline Update

The 03/31/22 blog noted that the S&P 500 (SPX) low on 03/31/22 was just above the Fibonacci .236 retracement of the rally from 03/14/22 to 03/29/22. The next day the SPX broke below the .236 support level yet failed to reach the .382 support zone. 

The 5 – minute SPX chart courtesy of Trading View updates the price  action.

The decline since the 03/29/22 peak appears to be an extended five wave Elliott Impulse pattern.  After the bottom on 04/01/22 the subsequent rally was larger and longer than any rally during the 03/29/22 to 04/01/22 drop.  The impulsive look of the drop after 03/29/22 and the size of the late 04/01/22 rally strongly imply that either Minor wave “A” or “1”  bottomed on 04/01/22. 

The late  04/01/22 rally into the close had the clear  three wave structure of a Single Zigzag correction. Its possible the rally is  complete as of the close on 04/01/22.  If the rally continues, the 30 – second SPX500 – Point & Figure (PF) chart reveals areas of potential resistance.

Trading View has an index called SPX500 its symbol is also SPX500. This index is  like a continuous S&P 500 futures chart yet its priced at almost the same level as the SPX.  The SPX500 can sometimes  be helpful in detecting support and resistance levels  especially when using a PF chart.

On 04/01/22 the SPX500 late day rally peaked just below a PF price cluster, just above this cluster is  the .382 retracement level.  If on 04/04/22 the SPX500 pushes above the .382 level there is no significant chart resistance until the .618 retracement level.  Note that this level is close to a double top made on 03/31/22.  Just above the double top is  a  PF price cluster.

The rally since the SPX 03/14/22 bottom has been strong and steady – the bulls are eager to buy.  Its logical to expect that the rally after the 03/29/22 to 04/01/22 decline could also be strong. If there’s  more upside action after the SPX 04/04/22 open, the area around SPX 4590 is the most likely resistance zone to halt the rally.   

Factors that imply the SPX decline from 03/29/22 are not complete.

  1. Impulsive look of the 03/29/22 to 04/01/22 drop.  Declining impulse waves are usually the first phase of  continuing downside action.
  2. The bottom made on 04/01/22 was not at a Fibonacci support level which leaves open the possibility for a drop to the next Fibonacci support near SPX 4455.

If in  the next few trading days there’s a drop into the 4455 area, it could present an opportunity to establish long positions.


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