S&P 500 Could be Basing For a Year End Rally – Part Two

The prior blog noted the S&P 500 (SPX) could be forming an Elliott wave – Horizontal Triangle correction which could be the  prelude to a year end rally . 

The SPX – 60 – minute chart courtesy of Trading View updates the progress  of the presumed Horizontal Triangle.

The supposed Minor wave “C” declined deeper than expected, and if complete was 80.7% the size of Minor wave “A.”  Most of the time  there are Fibonacci relationships  between the alternate waves of a Horizontal Triangle.  For example, wave “A” to “C.”   While  Minor wave “C”  does not have a Fibonacci relationship with “A” ,  80.7% is not a Fibonacci ratio.   Wave “C” could have a subsequent relationship with Minor wave “E”

The  time span of the supposed wave “C” was  only 16- trading  hours. Minor wave “A” lasted 58 – trading hours – a ratio of 16/58 = 27.5%.  The decline was much briefer than what usually happens relative to wave “A” and lowers the probabilities that wave “C” is  complete.  Its possible the bottom made on 12/20/21 could soon be tested.

The SPX 3-  minute chart  reveals  clues  that  a  decline of at least 1 – trading day could develop.

It appears that a  Minute wave degree – Horizontal Triangle formed in the mid – section of the supposed Minor wave “C” – which  is where  a correction of the decline is  likely to occur.  The rally off the 12/20/21 bottom climbed  into the apex of the Horizontal Triangle.  This  chart resistance is  a  logical area for the rally to halt.

Additionally, just above the apex is the Fibonacci .618 retrace of the 12/16/21 to 12/20/21 decline.  These two factors  present a formidable  short-term barrier and implies  the SPX could decline in the next one or two trading days.

A  move  below the 12/03/21 bottom in the next few trading days  would eliminate  the Horizontal Triangle wave count.   


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